Seeing Firsthand Why Support is so Important

My 16 year-old son was injured a week ago Friday at his ice hockey game.  He left the rink in an ambulance despite being able to walk, but it was scary just the same, bringing my 10 year-old to tears.  My son separated his shoulder, tearing several ligaments.  His collarbone now protrudes from the top of his shoulder.  He will heal (though that collarbone will likely serve as a reminder of what happened).  He will probably heal faster and more efficiently due to the fact that he is an athlete and is in really good physical condition.  He is strong and agile, so that while physical therapy will be challenging and painful I’m sure, his body is ready for it.  He won’t be starting from square one.  The foundation, his physical “infrastructure,” allows his body to deal with the stress of the injury effectively and he’ll bounce back quickly.

His body supports him.

And so have his family and friends.  He’s received so many notes, phone calls and messages of encouragement.  That, too, serves to lift him up when he’s feeling discouraged or impatient, wanting desperately to be right back on the ice.

What kind of support exists for you?

First – how well do you take care of YOURSELF so that you can weather the stressors life throws at you on a regular basis?  Stuff happens.  How healthy is the physical and emotional foundation you have built?  Are there things you can do to strengthen it further, like eating right, exercising and getting enough rest?

Second – how well do you tend to your relationships, so that when you hit a rough patch or need to be buoyed a bit by those around you, people are willing to do so?  How often do you lighten someone else’s load, even just a little?  I believe that kindness and positivity come right back at you when you need them to.

And third – and this is key – are you willing to receive support when it is offered to you?  Are you willing to ask for it?  While it’s important to do what you can for yourself (this is how you return to “normal” and grow stronger), sometimes you need to simply stop, look around, and take note of the support you’ve cultivated.  Soak it in.  Be grateful for it.  You laid the ground work.  You created your foundation.

And if you decide that your foundation has a few cracks, then it’s time to do something about it.  Don’t wait for something bad to happen to realize you have no safety net.  Begin construction now.

So you can see why support is so important.  I saw it firsthand.  So take good care of yourself and others you care about.  And when you’re down, your support system (within and beyond) will lift you up, just as my son’s did for him.



Laurie Leinwand is a Certified Professional Life Coach assisting clients with a variety of personal and professional life issues. Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching encompasses Laurie’s work as a life coach for women and men, career life coach and work-life balance coach.

Some of the topics of focus in her practice as a professional life coach are assisting and supporting individuals that are stay at home parents (stay at home moms and dads are constantly forced to adapt to their current circumstances as their children grow and change) as well as those returning to work. Laurie works with people reentering the workforce who are unsure of their direction and interested in cultivating professional development skills and support.

Laurie also provides personal development assistance with regard to powerful issues such as how to make a change in your life and finding fulfillment and your life purpose. In addition, she works with clients interested in learning how to say no and setting boundaries.

Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching is located in Randolph, NJ and services the surrounding communities of Morristown, Denville, Parsippany, Florham Park and Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, though much of her coaching is done on the phone and is accessible to clients worldwide.  Laurie is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association (NJPCA).

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