Spring is (Almost) Here!

It’s technically spring though it doesn’t necessarily feel like it here in NJ.  But there’s definitely something in the air.

I love the change of seasons.  It’s a way to mark the passage of time and keeps things interesting.  Things are never the same for too long.  My favorite transition is from winter to spring – I’m not really a fan of cold weather.  I love noticing buds beginning to emerge on plants and trees, and how the air smells so good, and how days over 50 degrees feel like such a treat initially.  I love being able to opt for a sweatshirt instead of a coat.  I adore how the color green begins to fill in the gray-brown spaces and how sometimes, when I’m driving, the sun hits my window at a certain angle and I feel like I might actually be getting a tan in my car.

But the spring is when I begin to sneeze, and my skin itches and I start to feel a little “funky” overall.  My body seems to say, “Here comes change and I’m not so sure about all this.”  I become more sensitive to certain foods.  My energy ebbs and flows seemingly without reason.

I’ve learned to welcome this process and liken it to change in general.  It’s uncomfortable.  My body reacts viscerally, rejecting it at first.  And then it slowly begins to familiarize itself with what is new.  Prior to change, or growth or emerging, I can feel upended, less grounded, and uncomfortable in my own skin.  But I know what beauty and excitement are in store if I simply give myself the freedom to move through this phase, rather than resist.

So now, instead of necessarily bemoaning a few of weeks of sneezy, itchy discomfort, I welcome them, knowing that warmer weather, gorgeous blooms and longer days are to follow.  And when I work toward my goals and experience something similar, professionally OR personally, I remind myself that my spring, a new phase of my own blossoming is what will come next.

Can you remember a time in your life when something fantastic happened for you?  Do you recall how you felt right before that time?  I would imagine you probably didn’t coast into those benevolent circumstances.  Chances are you experienced some sense of struggle beforehand.

Don’t fear or shy away from discomfort.  It might be signaling something amazing is right around the bend.  Happy Spring!

Warmly, Laurie

P.S.  I’d love to hear about YOUR experiences prior to a welcome change.  Was there discomfort?  Did you find any part of you resisting the newness of it, despite truly wanting it?

Laurie Leinwand, founder of  Ideas 2 Action, is a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor.  She works primarily with women in transitional phases of their lives, specializing in inspiring moms to rediscover who they are so they can successfully build lives for themselves outside of parenting according to THEIR needs, goals and desires.  Working with Laurie, her clients go from stuck, stressed, overwhelmed and confused to focused, empowered, motivated and fulfilled.  She helps her clients find clarity around what it is they really want, identify true obstacles, develop strategies for overcoming them, and ultimately reach their goals due to increased accountability and always knowing their next steps.

Laurie also provides workshops on topics such as Jump Starting Your Life and Strategies for Saying NO, and is a co-author of an upcoming book on personal development called Catch Your Star.

If you are ready to move YOUR life forward, call Laurie at (973) 343-6287 to inquire about her coaching programs.  Her coaching is done by phone is accessible to all.

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