7 Days to Rejuvenation [You Can Do This WITHOUT Lots of Time and Money]

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought about what most moms crave in the often crazy, busy, juggling world of 24/7 parenting.  Many are looking for a break, but better than that, many are looking for something that will have longer lasting, more permanent effects.

So I’ve come up with a 7 Days to Rejuvenation Plan.  It’s not hard and requires little time OR money – now we’re talking!

In order for the Plan to have the greatest impact, I recommend continuing each day’s practice on all of the remaining days to follow.  In other words, on Day 7, you will also be doing the recommended action items of Days 1 through 6.

Here we go!

Day 1Exercise.  Even just 30 minutes of physical activity will help you to feel more alive and stronger as well.  Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Don’t diminish the power of 15 minute intervals.  Exercise in two 15 minute chunks.  You’ll feel better for having done so and you will have squashed one of your go-to excuses.

Day 2Remove something from your diet.  Approach this as a kind of experiment.  Do you suspect that your body may not be tolerating something you’ve been eating for a while?  This is the perfect opportunity to eliminate that item and see how your body responds.  Does your digestion or skin improve?  Are you less prone to mood swings?  Do you have more energy as a result?  Foods you might want to consider abandoning are sugar, white flour or dairy.

Day 3Introduce a healthy food.  If your diet is full of grab and go, convenient carbohydrate or sugar laden items, you might want to consider adding a healthy option or two.  Incredibly healthy foods to consider adding to your diet include blueberries, almonds, broccoli, spinach, salmon and avocados.  If you are just not into adding certain foods, do you best to drink more water.

Day 45 Minute Meditation.  Take a few quiet moments each morning, preferably before your feet hit the floor, to consider what your intentions are for the day.  Be deliberate in the way you think about them so that you end up making really conscious choices.  Think about what you would like to receive and what you have to offer.  This is also your opportunity to acknowledge any self-defeating thoughts as they creep in and then allow them to move on, away from you, like clouds in the sky.

Day 5Connect.  Whether it’s through a phone call, a cup of coffee, a walk or an evening get-together, connecting with others is paramount to your well-being.  It reduces any sense of isolation you may feel.  Choose to do something fun or interesting with someone in your world, whether it be a friend, your spouse, another relative or your child.

Day 6Cleanse.  You can approach this step in a couple of ways.  You can have a relaxing, spa-like bath and use a full-body exfoliator to slough off dead skin and reveal the newness beneath (exfoliate only once or twice a week).

OR you can choose to clean and organize your desk, a counter top, a closet, or if you’re really ambitious, an entire room.  Doing this will give you a fresh perspective and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effect clean surfaces have on you.  Chances are these changes will enable you to breathe a little easier.

Day 7Practice gratitude.  Before you go to sleep at night, take note of all that you appreciate in your world.  This enables to close your day from a place of fullness instead of wanting.  You end up falling asleep with a smile of your face as opposed to an ache in your heart.

Remember with each consecutive day, it’s best to continue the steps from the prior days of the week.

As a result of these 7 Days, you will experience renewed energy and empowerment for having chosen to do “good” things for yourself.  You will also hopefully begin the process of creating new “grooves” – healthy habits that have the potential to become your new normal.

With little or no cost, and not too much time, you can create tiny shifts in your day that are designed to have a BIG impact.

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for you to treat yourself.  You can do this at any time to up your energy and point your life in a more positive direction.   Enjoy your 7 Days to Rejuvenation!

If you need help in setting up these practices, or you feel too bogged down to even try, go here to set up a FREE 30 minute “Time for Change” Coaching Call.  You may want to take advantage of her Mother’s Day Special Offer.  Go here to learn more.

Laurie Leinwand, founder of  Ideas 2 Action, is a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor.  Her mission is to help women move through transitional phases of their lives triumphantly.  She specializes in inspiring and empowering moms to build their best lives outside of parenting according to THEIR needs, goals and desires.  Working with Laurie, her clients go from stuck, stressed, overwhelmed and confused to focused, motivated and fulfilled.  She helps her clients find clarity around what it is they really want, identify true obstacles, develop strategies for overcoming them, and ultimately reach their goals due to increased accountability and always knowing their next steps.

Laurie also provides workshops on topics such as Jump Starting Your Life, Strategies for Saying NO and Making Friends with Change, and is a co-author of an upcoming compilation book on personal development called Catch Your Star.

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