Professional life coach, career life coach transitional life coachWhat is life coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process, an INVESTMENT in the future YOU.  The relationship between a coach and client is collaborative.  Together, we will focus on your interests, challenges and goals.  Coaching provides a support system where accountability matters, where there are safe opportunities for meaningful dialogue, where new perspectives are explored and expanded options are generated, where clients like you become inspired and motivated and next steps are identified and taken.  Coaching is a catalyst for change.

What I DO as a life coach:

Listen intently, ask powerful questions, help clarify, and enable clients to cultivate their own wisdom.

What I DON’T do as a life coach:

Judge, offer advice or tell clients what to do, solve a client’s problems.

How do you know if you’re ready to be coached?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future?
  • Are you prepared to focus on your personal and/or professional growth?
  • Are you ready to increase your objectivity and accountability?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for your feelings, decisions, actions and success (that’s empowering!!)?
  • Are you open-minded, ready to try new approaches?

If you find yourself answering YES to these questions, then you ARE READY!

What is Life Coaching? Go for it!

IMPORTANT NOTE : Coaching IS NOT Counseling

In my counseling practice, I work with clients who are suffering from depression and/or anxiety and their suffering often derives from events or unresolved issues from their pasts. Please note that if during our initial discussion, I determine that you would be better suited to counseling, rather than coaching, I will make that recommendation. I ONLY offer counseling to clients on a face-to-face basis in my office in New Jersey (

Progress in action Certified Life Coaching services...what is life coaching?In coaching, our work is much more present-focused and future-oriented. We will work together to help you identify how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coaching will help  move you toward your goal(s) faster. It is about taking action based on the knowledge you uncover. In coaching, you are accountable for your actions and you are responsible for making your own choices. The coaching I offer is most often done by telephone (no travel time or travel expenses!).

Divider LIne Ideas 2 Action New Jersey Life Coaching Services by Laurie Leinwand


Laurie Leinwand Life CoachLaurie Leinwand is a Professional Life Coach assisting clients with a variety of personal and professional life issues. Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching encompasses Laurie’s work as a life coach for women and men, career life coach and work-life balance coach.

Some of the topics of focus in her practice as a professional life coach are assisting and supporting individuals that are stay at home parents (stay at home moms and dads are constantly forced to adapt to their current circumstances as their children grow and change) as well as those returning to work. Laurie works with people reentering the workforce who are unsure of their direction and interested in cultivating professional development skills and support.

Laurie also provides personal development assistance with regard to powerful issues such as how to make a change in your life and finding fulfillment and your life purpose. In addition, she works with clients interested in learning how to say no and setting boundaries.

Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching is located in Randolph, NJ and services the surrounding communities of Morristown, Denville, Parsippany, Florham Park and Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, though much of her coaching is done on the phone and is accessible to clients worldwide.  Laurie is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association (NJPCA).

Is it Time for You to Make a Change? 

If so, contact  Laurie Leinwand at Ideas 2 Action today for a FREE 1/2 hour Sample Life Coaching Session. Click here to request a session, please let her know the best time to call you.

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