Finding Meaning in Your Life

Finding Meaning in Your Life and Your Life's PurposeOkay, this may sound like a downer, but it’s a worthwhile exercise:

Take a moment to imagine what might be said about you in your eulogy if you were to leave this world in the not too distant future.

Now imagine what you’d like your legacy to be.

Are your current actions in alignment with this legacy and how you’d like to be remembered?

Perhaps you are already living a life steeped in meaning but it’s difficult for you to recognize this.  Or you have ideas about how to instill meaning in your life but you’re not quite sure how to put those ideas into practice.  Coaching can help you clarify what is meaningful to you so that you can incorporate it into your everyday life, leading to a greater sense of overall satisfaction.

Finding meaning and finding fulfillment means different things to each and every one of us.  Define what those things mean to you.  Is it about living each day to the fullest and appreciating that which you have?  Is it about being mindful and fully present when you engage with others?  Is it about being a terrific parent, child or friend?  Maybe it’s about giving to others unselfishly or living your life’s passion.

Appreciate YOU.  In order to find meaning, we need to begin by appreciating our own worth and acknowledging that we have value just by being.  Refrain from comparing yourself to others unfavorably.  Instead, focus on who you are inside and what your intentions are.

Finding meaning in your life and your life's purpose Life Coach Laurie LeinwandQuiet the noise.  By “noise” I mean frenetic activity, overwhelming obligations, multiple distractions and clutter.  All of these things keep us from thinking clearly, being fully engaged and present when with others (a perfect example of NOT being fully engaged is texting while talking), and mindful of what it is you are doing in each moment.  Multitasking and racing through your day cheats you of opportunities to enjoy and be grateful.  These are missed moments.  You need quiet to gain clarity.  Think about what you want and what you love to do.  Take time to consider what you are passionate about.  If you are unaware of your passions and feel as though you haven’t yet discovered yours, seek occasions to try new things and open yourself up to possibilities.  Quiet is also restorative and healing.  We need to be good to ourselves before we can reach out effectively to others.

Do what comes naturally.  Listen to what your body tells you.  Don’t miss those important clues.  If you are doing something meaningful or fulfilling, you can feel the joy or the gravity of it deep inside.  You know when things feel right.  Begin to trust yourself and your internal wisdom.  If you are doing things because you believe you are supposed to do them, rather than feeling driven to do them from within, you are not likely to gain as much fulfillment.  By being your authentic self, you gain an incredible sense of freedom.

Be generous.  I’m not necessarily referring to money here.  You have gifts worth sharing with others.  It might be as simple as a smile or a wave or a small gesture of kindness such as holding a door open for someone passing through.  Do you ever wonder about the impact of the little things you do?  Think about how something seemingly insignificant can have a huge positive impact on you.  For example, I know I feel good when someone remembers my name – maybe not a tremendous effort on the other person’s part but it means a lot to me to be remembered.  Now think about the little things you’ve done in the last few days.  I bet you offered a word of kindness, smiled at someone, and maybe even called someone to check in.  You may not have thought much about doing these kinds of things but they reach further than you probably imagine.  They have a domino effect.  When we smile at the person we pass on the street, he or she is far more likely to smile at the next, and so on.  Be aware of all that you already share with others.

Your purpose begins with being kind and true to yourself and allowing yourself quiet time to tune in to see if your actions are in line with your intentions.  If they are, you are likely living your life purpose.  If they aren’t, you may choose to create a shift in order to discover further meaning in your life.  Coaching can help you reorient yourself to this place of greater personal fulfillment.           

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Laurie Leinwand Life CoachLaurie Leinwand is a Professional Life Coach assisting clients with a variety of personal and professional life issues. Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching encompasses Laurie’s work as a life coach for women and men, career life coach and work-life balance coach.

Laurie provides personal development assistance with regard to powerful issues such as how to make a change in your life and finding fulfillment and your life purpose. In addition, she works with clients interested in  learning how to say no, setting  limits and boundaries, as well as balancing work and life.

Ideas 2 Action Life Coaching is located in Randolph, NJ and services the surrounding communities of Morristown, Denville, Parsippany, Florham Park and Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, though much of her coaching is done on the phone and is accessible to clients worldwide.  Laurie is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the New Jersey Professional Coaches Association (NJPCA).

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